Is the festival free?2018-05-13T13:57:31-07:00

It is free to attend the festival and listen to our live music.  There are fees for parking, food & drink and for the carnival rides.

Is parking free?2018-05-13T14:00:44-07:00

We charge for parking per car for daily parking.  The cost is typically $5 per car but may change.

Do you offer wristbands for carnival rides?2018-05-13T13:59:26-07:00

The carnival ride company offers wristbands for all day riding on carnival rides.  The cost for a wristband is cheaper if you purchase it online in advance of your attendance.  The link to purchase changes yearly but can be found on the homepage.

Do I have to pay for carnival rides individually?2018-05-13T14:02:53-07:00

Carnival ride tickets can be purchased individually or you can purchase wristbands to ride all day.  Wristbands are per person and can not be transferred.

Can I bring my own hookah / argeela?2018-05-13T14:04:39-07:00

We do not allow outside hookahs to be brought into the festival.  We hope that festival visitors will support our vendors who provide hookah services.

Can I bring in outside food or drink?2018-05-13T14:05:27-07:00

Outside food or drink is prohibited at the festival.  We offer a variety of food options that are fresh and delicious.